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Succession Planning is the process of determining critical roles,identifying and assessing possible successors,experience for present and future opportunities.

Succession planning is comprised of these important steps:

  • Recruitment / Hiring – Recruit the best possible employees
  • Development / Training – Encourage your staff to develop their skills and abilities
  • Performance / Compensation Management – Encourage your people to advance, in your organization, to more valuable roles

Typical activities covered by succession planning include –

  • Define what skill sets are most valuable to your company
  • Understand what your employees need to advance and become more valuable to you
  • Make sure your key people know what they are being groomed for in your company
  • Train people now – to fill future company needs
  • Have regular discussions with the people who will fill key roles
  • Keep track of top all performers and make sure they are happy and well rewarded to stay for the long haul
  • Keep track of your succession plan and be sure your key players are ready for their new roles.

“Succession planning

 is a process by which successors are identified for key positions throughout an organization including vital roles in each department of the organization. It should take into account the strategic vision and objectives of the organization. With good succession planning in place, employees are ready for new leadership roles so when someone leaves the company, another is skilled and ready to step-up to that position.

“Succession planning

 can also help develop a diverse workforce, by enabling senior management to look at the future goals of the organization as a whole. So the key issues the HR professionals should consider while developing a succession plan are –”

  • Strategies and plans for future goals
  • Hiring and requirement
  • Staff development strategies
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