Pre-Sell Planning – Sell My Colorado Business

We are acutely aware of what it takes to sell a business in Cloorado.

Aiding a seller in preparing the business for maximum sale value, are two important roles for the professional business intermediary/broker. Owners sell businesses for numerous reasons – some merely want to retire, some have disputes with partners, some relocate, some have family issues, some have health issues and some are moving into another business.

It’s simple. Over the years I have learned that business owners want 4 things when selling a business!

  1. They want as much money as possible AND as much down at the closing as possible.
  2. They want a SOLID buyer, a credit worthy buyer, a high net-worth buyer, an honorable buyer, a buyer they can trust with their company going forward to take it to the next level.   Business owners want someone that will quickly transition into the ownership role and quickly build strong relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and vendors, etc.
  3. Once business owners make the decision to sell, they want it sold “quickly and quietly”.  One owner recently said, “if we are gonna sell it, let’s get it done; I don’t want this process to drag on for month or years.”Business owners don’t want the process to drag on with time-wasters and lookie-loes.  This is where we excel. With our proprietary approach to preparing business for sale, we have cut the time down to sell a business by 50%-75%. This is critical for busy business owners who need to focus their time on maximizing the performance of the business to maintain its value, while it is being presented to buyers.
  4. Quietly!  For many years we have been selling Colorado businesses.  We have sold over 300 medium-sized businesses and in all that time NEVER we have always protected confidentiality.  No one will know you are selling until it is sold and you are ready to tell the world.Please see the many  reference videos on this website confirming our commitment toward this concern.  For some people this is the #1 concern.   We are the ONLY brokerage company in the market that uses VIDEO to present the business to perspective buyers.  This eliminates the need for “walk-throughs and showings” that can tipoff employees and customers, etc.

We have a full command of what factors bring about a successful transaction:

Having provable books and records increases numbers of potential buyers
Buyers want proof of sales and profits the business has attained in the past
Expectation of a reasonable price and terms
Experienced buyers are only interested in businesses that are competitively priced
List of assets including furniture, fixtures, and equipment
A complete inventory that is available for inspection
Attractive Lease
Knowing the terms of assignment or of a new lease
Best possible appearance
Having the business premises neat, clean and in good repair
Valuing the business properly
A qualified valuation of your business renders tangible proof of value to your buyer and shows the business is priced competitively.
Covenant not to compete
An agreement of non-competition, with a stated operating radius and for a mutually acceptable period of time
Reason for sale
Buyers will want to know why the owner is selling and be assured there is no undisclosed problems that would negatively impact their investment
Time is of the essence
Be prepared to make a move when a qualified buyer is interested in your business
No surprises!
Most negative issues, such as difficult landlords, outstanding debt, tax arrearage, unfavorable equipment leases, and even zoning issues and health regulations can be overcome if your professional Business Intermediary is informed of them


You likely know the market value of your house. You probably know how much is in your checking account. Most people keep track of what is in their IRA’s. On the other hand, the value of your business, which represents the labor of a lifetime, is a mystery to many business owners! It is amazing how many business owners do not maintain a current estimate of value on their most important asset!

You must know the value of your business for any sense of rational business planning, others may need valuations for estate planning or buyout purposes. Our professional Business Brokers use a variety of methodologies for valuating your business accurately.

Please allow us to learn more about your business and prepare a market analysis or business valuation. There is no cost for this service, but it will help you clearly understand current value drivers in today’s business market.

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