Denver Business Broker Jeff Chapman Eisnaugle has lived in Colorado since 1983 when he attended CSU Graduate School for Business and Accounting.  He has been a broker since 1984 when he began learning how to analyze, market, and to sell companies. He has been working with Company Broker Group since mid-2010 and has an 85% track record of completing transactions as of January, 2014.

As a Denver business broker, Jeff has sold several of these companies at a premium to the listing price and has had no complaints. He prides himself on his work ethic and success rate.  He has sold companies in many industries including: technology, roofing, retail, internet marketing, telecommunications, Credit Card Processing, Woodworking, Manufacturing, Construction, and Equipment Rental.

Jeff is an expert at analyzing companies and creating spreadsheets that start with a company’s earnings and includes all other benefits that the seller gets from their business.This, in turn, lays the groundwork for a higher sales price.  Although he strictly represents business owners in all transactions, he also has long-standing relationships with many buyers.  He has both contributed and benefited from Company Broker Group’s list of desirable buyers.

His age and experience helps him to get deals done that other brokers can’t, which often includes the mediation of their differences inexpensively.  Jeff has a reputation for being an optimist and never giving up on even the most difficult of listings.  He has sold businesses for as little as $625K and for as much as $36M giving him a wide range of experience.

Jeff utilizes both video to help tell a sellers story, and a large list of buyers that have been accumulated over the years which helps to explain his high success rate.  Jeff has sold businesses throughout Colorado and not just the Denver area.

You can reach Jeff at 303-905-7607 or

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